Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why an engineered truss system?
2. What makes our trusses better?
3. How are trusses installed?
4. How do I place my order?


1. What an engineered truss system?

- Save time and labour costs with our manufactured roof trusses.
- Advanced engineering software gives you more design and cost flexibility

2. What makes our trusses better?
- Edson Truss adheres to the Edson Truss Quality Management System; it is a series dynamic policies, procedures and guidelines which support our internal requirements as well as those set forth by the Western Wood Truss Association of Alberta and the Truss Plate Institute of Canada.
- Components are manufactured in a controlled facility for increased precision, faster set-up and efficient production free from weather related delays.

- Advanced software, skilled designers, precise saws and incredibly accurate laser guided assembly tables ensure stronger, more precise trusses

3. How are trusses installed?

- Truss packages are accompanied by a full color placement layout and detailed handling instructions for easy setting.
- If necessary, all hangers are included in the truss package

4. How do I place my order?

- Sign the quote sheet and email back to our office

- 50% deposit paid required upon order, remaining 50% is due upon pick up or delivery

- Once your trusses are built and ready, we will call to schedule the delivery date

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