1. Design
    • Send your plans to our senior designers
    • Trusses designed in an engineered software program
    • Specific snow load on the trusses designed for the location of the building
    • Truss and Floor systems can be engineered sealed upon request
  2. Cut
    • Quality lumber used only, from certain mills that are approved by our sawyers
    • Lumber inspected for cracks, bark, knots, twisted and pine beetle
    • Computerized saws ensure accurate measurements and angles
    • Two saw system used
  3. Build
    • Laser guided assembly process
    • First truss is built in the jig
    • Complete measurements and ensure all the following trusses are consistent
    • Plates hammered and pressed on with automatic press
    • Quality control
      • Each job is inspected
      • Measurement of the span, peak, vault height, heel, overhang, heel to peak
      • Lumber check of the top and bottom chords and webs
      • Plate positioning, size and gaps
      • This ensures that each job is meeting the requirements set by the Western Wood Truss Association of Alberta
      • A copy of the inspection is recorded in each customer file