Designed and manufactured on site

  1. Available in 4x2 (as shown) and 2x4 options
  2. Typical floor depths include 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, and 24 inch depths
  3. Provides a wide and highly stable surface to work on and with
  4. Provides a wide nailing surface allowing for easy and quick gluing, as well as faster and more accurate attachment of floor decking and ceiling which mean less squeaks, a longer lifespan, and overall increased performance versus conventional framing
  5. Longer spans and girder truss options reduce the need for costly additional support items such as bearing walls, beams, columns, and footings
  6. Open web design leaves ample room for heating, plumbing, and electrical runs
  1. Your floor system is created by our trained and highly skilled technical designers who use some of the most advanced software available in the industry
  2. Our quality control measures ensure your trusses design and construction integrity
  3. Our sophisticated design software, precise computeroperated saws, and incredibly accurate Virtek laser guided assembly tables ensure your 2x4 floor truss is stronger and more precise
  4. Will better accommodate sprinkler systems as required by the recent changes to Alberta’s building code (i.e., in crawl spaces) than other types of floor systems
  5. Each order is accompanied by detailed assembly/truss placement instructions upon delivery for accurate, reliable results

Your truss placement diagram